Love Promise of Vow

True love's the gift which God has given to man alone beneath the heaven. Love is God alone beneath the heaven-given gift .-- Sir Walter. It is called LPV - Love Promise Vow, which was illustrated By Si Scott, one of the best artists in the UK. This deck is designed for Valentine's Day. Marriage, what a precious and luxurious word in human’s civilization. 'I do' might be the best answer in the world. Can you imagine the scenario, in which one does magic with this deck to make a proposal? How romantic and creative it is! Printed at Q1 quality control on BEE Casino Stock, with unrivaled durability, the LPV red deck is printed by The United States Playing Card Company. With luxury foil and meticulously embossed on a premium dark kraft box, this deck is just amazing! This set includes one gold deck and one red deck with a beautiful and unique design, which compose to be a lovely heart when they are put together. The deck looks gorgeous, elegant and comfortable. Also, it has a sensible design style by Si Scott, who spent three more months in designing this deck around 'love'. The JQK are similar as 'Smoke and Mirrors', but there is the new color scheme by Si Scott. There are also some bonus in the black deck, a signature by Si Scott. The deck is in the excellent visual and pure feel, which is the best choice for collection and fun.
$ 6.95 USD

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