How fast are orders shipped out?
We generally ships all orders out in 24h on business days. Sometimes it may take up to 48h.
What is the average delivery time?
Domestic orders (Within U.S.) take 5-7 days to arrive. The international orders may take around 3-5 weeks. The delivery time depends on locations.
Is tracking included with the shipments?
All of domestic orders( within U.S) has tracking with it. If your shipping address is outside U.S. then tracking is included only to some destinations.
When does the tracking status become active for international orders?
The tracking becomes available once the packages arrive at the Michigan USPS distribution centre. This can take about 6-8 business days once the package is shipped out from Gamblers Warehouse located in Texas.
USPS Tracking shows "Status not available". When can I see the tracking information?
"Status not available" means that the package hasn't arrived at the Michigan distribution centre yet. International packages do not include tracking within U.S. Tracking becomes available once the packages are scanned in at the distribution centre.