Helius Sun

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The Helius Sun Playing Card includes 2 versions: a Classic Edition and a Deluxe Edition. The box for Helius Sun is just as special as Luna Moon, and incorporates some complimentary details. The Maroon Red box is reminiscent of the Sun’s flaming heat. The rigid, hexagon opening represents the Sun’s fierceness. The opening of the box is like sunray beaming towards us on Earth, providing the warmth and freedom that we so desperately after months of freezing cold.
The back of the cards is focused on illustrations of the Sun, but if you look very closely at there is a Moon crescent hugging the Sun. The flashes of red stars in the background hints at the many suns we see across the universe, and their powerful bursts are best captured in the crimson red.
The Joker is a flaming hot Sun with scorching rays emitting from the surface. The simple artwork at the corners are depictions of dawn and when the Sun rises, there is an alluring spectacle created and we wanted to capture that in the cards.
The Ace of Spades is taken from an altar on the highest mountain in China, TaiShan. It is a prime location to see the sunrise above the clouds and having travelled there ourselves it was a sight we cannot forget for the rest of our lives.

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