Blue Box First Edition

New edition Launching Blue Steel Playing Cards are distributed in 2015 and we have to say this deck is favored because of its premium design and finest quality. We decide to launch new editions Steel Playing Cards to continue the classic this year. perfect details treatment Bright colors card back echos the color on the tuck. Simple dot patterns with white border on the back make it more simple and elegant. Classic Patterns are adopted on the card face to bring out its own style. Custom joker cards come with Bocopo Playing Card Company's logo. Unique design Steel Playing Card contains original artwork on the Ace of Spades, Joker, back design, and tuck. simplicity is the main character of the design. Modern X Classic The custom card faces design is a perfect combination of classic and modern. Our eye-catching design and severe treatment of the details lead the fashion trendy all the time.
$ 6.95 USD

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