Bicycle Blackbeard

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Blackbeard, formerly known as Edward Teach/Edward Thatch, is one of the most famous pirates in the world's history of navigation. And the inspiration for this deck of cards is derived from this. We choose the vintage dark yellow on the back of playing card. There are iconic flags, anchors bow and weapon as elements to let you sense the pirate's culture

The Black Beard is designed with pirate elements. Such as the rudder in the center, the compasses on both sides, the iconic goggles, the iron chains in the mouth, the blue color, and the detailed ripples all make you think about the image of pirates immediately. 

The court cards are based on the theme of the whole deck of cards: Pirate's revenge, and it portrays twelve completely different pirate images.

They are brothers who are ruthlessly abandoned by the black beard. Although they have turned into the skull, the vengeance is fierce and fierce. The action is vivid, and the gloomy picture allows you to cool back.

The fierce skull with a pirate hat on the Joker card is the legend of Blackbeard. The handgun and rudder around him are the marks of his life.

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