Art Of Cardistry -Red Edition

$ 7.95 USD
Red Edition
The Art of Cardistry Deck features a contemporary design inspired by the polygon theme. It’s created specifically for Cardistry. The Red edition is a limited-edition deck that we hope will become a collectible memorabilia of our message.

Jewel Effect
For our face cards, we created a jewel effect that allows for the best visual performances. The vibrant mix of colors and shades will guarantee stun your audience before you even start your first move.

The Tuckcase
The box of the deck is an art piece formed by shapes. It represents the motion of cards as Cardists transform them in their hands. The shades of red will provide the best visual attraction during performance.

Finding Balance
Every Single card is completely customized and redesigned after over 50 times to find the combination that is most suitable for Cardistry. We wanted to find the perfect balance between flashiness and attention, and after our own tests this is it.

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