Luna Moon

The inspiration for the deck is drawn from historical significance of the moon in both Western and Chinese culture. It is a symbol of change and repetitive cycles in life. The moon is associated with family, especially during the mid-autumn festival where mooncakes are to be eaten with a reunited family. The Luna Playing Card includes 2 versions: a Classic case Edition and a Deluxe case Edition. The moon waxes and wanes from empty to full and it’s a great reflection of our lives. There are peaks and troughs in our lives through which we must progress and improve ourselves. But whenever we are too burdened with thoughts at night, gazing up at the moon removes all the unnecessary anxiety and clears the mind. In the current environment, the design of playing card peripheral products have matured. It is very challenging to take a new path and especially create a new path, but someone has to confront the incumbent. After six months of brainstorming and design, Bocopo created this revolutionary deluxe case.
$ 80.00 USD

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