Lost Deer Purple

$ 12 USD
Brilliantly stripping away all the heritage and history of good playing card design, the designer Eriksson has removed everything he could to make custom playing cards named lost deer fit for a creative, which was inspired by the dream he made.

Clever, simple and as easy as ever to use - the cards are coloured by different opacities of purple ink, creating an amazing gradient when fanned out in your hand during that tense poker game.

Using a monochrome colour scheme, the designer Eriksson uses the space to his advantage - creating an environment as well as the characters themselves on the small space. You can imagine the stories about the deer, which seems to be like a flag that helps those, who have been lost in the forest or anywhere unknown, to find the right direction.

The elk symbolizes sacredness in the East and West. What the designer wants to express is that this deck of cards will take players away from the cage of life, with an active attitude towards life.

Each pack of cards is poker-sized, boxed and shrink-wrapped, with both cards and box finished with a matte overlay.

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