MOAI – The work of an extra-terrestrial civilization

Hello everyone, today we are presenting to you the story of a deck of playing cards, which we hope will attract not only the cardists but also astronomy and occult aficionados. It’s called the MOAI.

The term MOAI refers to the giant statues on Easter Island. They are visible from anywhere on the island, as they are 6 – 23 meters high and weigh 30 – 90 tons. The expression on their faces is very solemn as they are facing the ocean as if lost in thought.

When it comes to the origin of these stone giants, even the original inhabitants of the Easter Island are in the dark. According to archaeological research, they have been constructed sometime between the year 1100 and 1680. However, the questions still stand: Who carved them? How were they carved? How were they even moved into one line like that? The answers still elude scientists and archaeologists alike.

Rumour has it, that the Easter Island giants were, in fact, constructed by an extra-terrestrial civilization. Since no one can confirm or uproot this theory with absolute surety, the statues remain enveloped with an aura of mystery.

Designers from BOCOPO were inspired by the obscure stone statues and created the MOAI playing cards. The designers’ perseverance and craftsmanship reflect strongly in this cool new deck, which is not only a trendy choice for cardist but is a worthy addition to anyone’s collection. A similar concept has been explored earlier in their “Guardians” deck and continues to manifest itself in this project too. Now let’s enjoy the meticulously designed deck in detail.

Firstly, the tuck case offers the first look at the MOAI stone face, cleverly constructed out of geometric shapes in different shades of deep blue color. On first glance, the face appears cold and distant. However, the undulation of color makes its features three-dimensional and so vivid that you feel like you are right there on Easter Island, observing the solemn expression of a stone giant.

At the back of the cards, you will discover two cold blue stone statues facing each other diagonally. Their monumental built takes up the majority of the design, but if you look closely, you will find out that the black outline that separates them is designed to look like a silhouette of two aliens. This represents both the mysterious nature of the MOAI sculptures, as well as our designers’ attention to detail. These playing cards provide a unique experience with endless visual effects while you are shuffling the deck.

Upon turning the cards around, you will discover a strange number written on the Ace of Hearts and the Ace of Diamonds. Those are the geographical coordinates of Easter Island. Fun fact: the inhabitants of the island say that it is the “belly button” of the Earth. For a long time, no one understood what they meant by it. However, when astronauts saw the Earth from the space they realized, that the islanders we right all along. The Easter Island, in its solitude in the midst of the vast Pacific Ocean, indeed looks like a tiny navel of the round Mother Earth.

That brings us to a strange thought. Were the people able to see their island from above at some point in the past? If so, how did they get up in the sky? Maybe the answer to that question hides on the Ace of Spades. For all we know, the UFO could actually be a part of the story. On the card, the alien ship shines down a cold blue light in the shape of a spade. In the many-faceted beam, there is another alien silhouette hiding. The suit on the cards are adorned with red and blue polygons. Their 3D structure complements that of the MOAI statues.

In order to stick to the theme, the court cards could not be designed with traditional faces of kings, queens, or warriors. In this deck, they are represented by the MOAI giants and their status can be recognized by the type of headdress they are wearing. It is worth mentioning, that there actually are statues among them that have similar headdresses in real life. The locals call them Pukao.

Finally, one of the Joker cards shows a meteorite gliding through space, while the other one shows a MOAI statue. Here, the designers once again hinted what their theory about the mysterious giants is.

To sum up, an excellent deck like this requires a designer to not only be able to come up with an exciting concept but also put it into practice and be willing to test it over and over until it is perfect. Moreover, it couldn’t be done without the support of our fans, who constantly motivate us to keep on improving.